Curb appeal starts with a buildings exterior siding.

If your selling your home or just need an annual cleaning, you can improve the appearance of your home or business with an exterior siding cleaning service!

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Moss | Mold | Lichen | Algae

Biological agents are working 24/7 to discolor and shorten the life of your roof.


Upright can help restore the appearance and longevity of your roof.

Fence & Deck Cleaning

Offering both HOT and COLD water power washing services, Upright Exterior services can tailor our cleaning methods to your specific surface and project needs.

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Overtime, all outdoor surfaces with foot traffic can become discolored, hazardous and slippery.

A quick surface cleaning can rejuvenate appearance and restore original performance.


Pressure Washing

Roof Cleaning


Exterior Siding

Surface Cleaning

Living in the PNW where we have 9 months of rain and moister our outdoor woods take a beating, a quick wash and you'll be looking new again.